February 29, 2016

1&1 Announces Partnership With Bitnami To Offer Cloud Marketplace Access

1&1, the leading web hosting provider in Europe and one of the largest hosters worldwide (www.1and1.com), has announced it has entered a business partnership with Bitnami (www.bitnami.com), a global provider of server applications and development environments, to offer 1&1 customers access to a marketplace of popular server applications.

With more than one million visitors per month, Bitnami provides one-click deployment for over 100 open source applications and server infrastructure for selected cloud infrastructure partners. The partnership with Bitnami will enable 1&1 to offer its customers a new cloud-based server infrastructure to build and run web applications and development stacks that can be installed with just a single click. With apps available centrally and deployment times shortened, the partnership makes 1&1’s feature-rich platform even more accessible than ever before.

Robert Hoffman, CEO 1&1 Internet SE said: “We wanted to provide the very best service for building and developing in the cloud so Bitnami was a natural fit when looking for a partner. With Bitnami, our customers can benefit from faster deployment and testing as well as easier management, allowing them to innovate quicker than ever before.”

Through the partnership, 1&1 will now be able to offer cloud applications as a standalone product, which will be 100 per cent scalable, able to grow and expand as required by businesses.

“1&1 has a fantastic heritage and a very competitive cloud portfolio, having recently been featured as the product with the best price/ratio value in the ‘2016 Cloud Vendor Benchmark’ by American analysts Cloud Spectator,” said Erica Brescia, COO of Bitnami. “We are happy to offer customers a robust cloud marketplace that is backed up by best-in-class cloud infrastructure”.

Bitnami’s portal and technology for app installations will offer 1&1 customers a wide selection of the latest apps along with a ‘no minimum term’ contract and a pay-per-minute payment model offering flexibility that was not available previously. Combined with the ease of scalability and the use case optimization, customers will find it easier than ever to build apps on the cloud. The offerings also come with unlimited traffic without any additional costs – a real USP as traffic above the exempt amount has to be paid in general. The partnership will provide a consistent, secure and optimized end-user experience when deploying any app, on the 1&1 Cloud Server whether an individual designing their first application or a department of a large organizations looking for an environment where new services can be developed and deployed frequently.