April 15, 2015

News from the 1&1 Server Lab: Better performance and faster servers with an additional SSD

Want better performance on your root or managed server with innovative technology and full control over your data? For customers with these requirements, 1&1 Internet (www.1and1.com) now provides even more options for increased performance for your specific needs.

Customers can now enhance their 1&1 Dedicated and Managed Server with a Solid State Disk (SSD). Among other benefits, this allows for more local storage space when used in combination with the integrated Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

SSDs perfectly meet the demanding, performance-oriented requirements of those who maintain a strong, dynamic and interactive website with high traffic. Using SSD storage allows many operations to run smoothly, such as: access to interactive elements, transactions, and Web applications like video streaming, virtual client support, video conferencing, or extensive data analysis. Thanks to SSD, data errors are minimized and data integrity is secured at all times via an electronic memory process.

1&1 also recently enhanced its entry-level A8i server with fast SSD storage. When configuring the server, customers can choose HDD or SSD and benefit from even better performance. With the A8i SSD configuration, performance-heavy, yet price conscious customers get a Web server with a fast Intel 8-core processor and powerful SSD storage.

The SSD server can be set up as a root server, for those seeking full control over their data, or as a managed option. The root server is available with a Linux or Windows operating system.

All SSDs included in 1&1’s server range are high-quality Intel devices, offering customers the best possible availability and performance/price ratio.

At a glance, here are the new options within 1&1’s dedicated server portfolio:

  • Choosing an SSD to increase your storage speed is free for the first minimum contract term.
  • The A8i server is now available with HDD or SSD – no additional cost for the SSD within the first minimum contract term.

More information and detailed prices are available on the 1&1 website.